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Continual exposure to substances such as tea, coffee, wine and cigarette smoke can cause yellowing and staining of teeth. Sometimes though people are just born with darker coloured teeth and would like to see them a shade or two whiter.

There are various methods available to whiten teeth but the only real effective way to whiten your teeth is to have them bleached professionally by a dentist. Bleaching is safe and the results are quite amazing. In fact many people look years younger and healthier simply by having their teeth whitened.

Teeth bleaching is generally done at home using custom made night time bleaching trays (very thin mini plastic mouth guards) fitted by your dentist. A specially formulated bleaching gel is applied to the tray, which is worn during the night over a 7 to 14 day period. You can begin to see the results after the first one or two nights.

The key to bleaching is the custom fit tray and the right concentration of bleach (such as carbamide peroxide) for your needs. For the really “tooth colour” conscious person you can top up your whiteness and brightness once every 6 to 12 months by simply repeating the procedure over one or two nights.