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As a main focus of our mission here at Dental Integrity is about education and prevention, we strongly encourage our involvement as your children’s first teeth begin to emerge. Many aspects of your child’s life including their speech and appearance will be influenced by their emerging teeth and these will lay the groundwork for adult teeth later in life.

Even before they have teeth, infants should have their gums cleaned using a sterile gauze pad or infant washcloth after feeds and before bed. Also be sure that the only liquid which they take to bed in a bottle is water. This can prevent “baby bottle tooth decay”.

Just as their new teeth are emerging so too are your children’s attitudes toward life situations such as visiting the dentist. Let us help make it a fun and nurturing encounter for your children so that they will be keen to follow our instructions and visit again to show us their special new teeth and what a great job they have been doing cleaning them. It is important to instill in your child a sense of autonomy, motivation and enthusiasm regarding their dental care.