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Got Sore Jaw Joints?

If you suffer from sore or painful jaw joints or jaw and face muscle pain, clicking or grinding noises during normal movement of your jaw, or you experience headaches or earaches, you may have TMD.

Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMD) are a family of problems related to either one or both of your complex jaw joints. The lower jaw (mandible), is held in place by numerous muscle groups and ligaments, which also allow us to move the lower jaw forward and sideways so that we can talk, chew, swallow and yawn. These are all normal movements, which should occur without discomfort and limitation.

60% of the population experience TMD at some stage of their life. Signs and symptoms often first appear when people are in their in their 20’s. There are numerous causes of TMD and the effects of many of them can be corrected or minimized using dentistry based treatment options.

If you have any pain in the jaw and not in the neck, pop in and see us and we will advise you of the options available.