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Just as their new teeth are emerging so too are your children’s attitudes toward life situations such as visiting the dentist. Let us help make it a fun and nurturing encounter for your children so that they will be keen to follow our instructions and visit again to show us their special new teeth and what a great job they have been doing cleaning them. It is important to instill in your child a sense of autonomy, motivation and enthusiasm regarding their dental care.

You will need to brush your children’s teeth until they are around three years old and we can show you a simple brushing technique which is most appropriate as you do this.

Take your baby with you to your hygiene visits or dental exams so that your baby gets use to the environment. Then as they grow older they can be given rides in the chair and slowly introduced to the instruments until they can have a proper exam by the age of about 3 or 4. Diagnosing problems in children at an early age makes treatment easier as minor problems can be identified and treated before they become larger dental concerns.

As your child grows, our dentists will ensure that your visit schedule is appropriate for your child’s needs and that the child is educated at an age appropriate level as to how to maximize own their dental health.