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Healthy oral hygiene practices are really important for adults as well as for children. Adult oral hygiene really isn’t that much different than oral hygiene practices for kids. The only difference comes in those things adults do that kids don’t – drinking alcohol, smoking, eating strong smelling foods, etc. Taking these into consideration good, healthy teeth and a well-cared for mouth are something to place high on your priority list and to plan for purposefully.

Adulthood brings several dental issues to the fore, including the following:

  • Gum Disease is a progressive disease that initially starts out as Gingivitis and presents itself through swollen or reddened gums. It is completely reversible but this condition, which often leads to bad breath, if left untreated, may develop into Periodontitus which is a disease of the bone in which the teeth are held. Gum Disease has been related to diabetes and heart disease but should be carefully monitored in all adults.
  • Unfortunately, the tooth can continue to decay around an old filling or even under the filling (which is another reason for regular dental x-rays). As we get older we can also start to get decay along the root surface of the teeth. For this reason, regular checks for cavities are an essential part of your dental health toolkit.
  • As we get older the gums shrink back from the tooth exposing the root surface. This root surface is more prone to decaying and is often very sensitive to hot and cold drinks, sweet foods and sometimes even changes in air temperature. It is important to mention any such sensitivity to your dentist as there are treatments available to help lessen the impact of tooth sensitivity as you age and no need to put up with it unnecessarily.
  • Tooth strength becomes compromised when areas that have had fillings become weakened or parts of the tooth break away due to regular use. Your dentist may recommend that a crown be placed on the tooth to restore its strength or to help improve its appearance.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry has made many advances in the past years and our dentists stay fully up to date with the technology and treatments available to improve the way you present yourself to the world.